Background and Profile

S.I.T.E. Association of Industry of Karachi is a representative body of industries located in Sindh Industrial and Trading Estates in Karachi. The Association was initially established in 1958 but formally registered under companies Act VII of 1913 in May 1963, now superseded by companies ordinance 1984 vide registration no 1441 of 1963-64 on 22nd July 1963.

The aim of S.I.T.E. Association is to uphold and safeguard the rights and interests of its members.

The organization’s policies and programs are determined by the 12 members of Executive Committee, which are elected by the General Body, out of which 1/6th retire every two years and in their place new members are inducted through election. The Executive Committee every year elects Chairman, Senior Vice Chairman and Vice Chairman. Chairman controls the working of office and staff and directs all matters of the Association, with the assistance of Senior Vice-Chairman and Vice-Chairman.


Mr. Abdul Wahab Lakhani                     Chairman
Mr. Asad Nisar Burkhurdaria                 Senior Vice-Chairman
Mr. Sanaullah Abdullah                        Vice-Chairman

S.I.T.E. Association of Industry has come to acquire the position of a strong and forceful representative for SITE industries and it has significantly contributed towards the well being of the industrial units. The representative capacity of the Association is well accepted by all concerned. The government agencies having close and direct interest in SITE have acknowledged permanent representation of the Association. The Association is helping the Government to evolve a pragmatic and long-term industrial policy for revival of industrial sector and enhancement of exports.

Employees’ Old-Age Benefit Institutions (EOBI), Sindh Employees’ Social Security Institution (SESSI), Employer Federation of Pakistan, Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Central Excise & Sales Tax Advisory Committee, Export Advisory Committee - Customs, Appraisement Advisory Committee - Customs, Valuation Committee - Customs, Classification Committee - Customs, Income Tax Advisory Committee, Inspection Committee on Labour Department (Sindh), Divisional Industrial Board, Board of Directors of SITE Limited, Board of Directors of KESC, Works Committee - SITE Limited, Trade Testing Board (Manpower & Training), Sindh Board of Technical Education, Sindh Labour Advisory Board, Joint Coordination Committee on Labour, Sindh Environment Committee, Sales Tax Advisory Committee, KW&SB Board, Committee on Irritants of Sales Tax, Civil Defence Coordination Committee etc.

The Secretariat functions under a full-time experienced Secretary with support and auxiliary staff members. A Research Cell equipped with the facility of Computers has also been in operation.

The General Body meets once every year and, interalia, adopts the Annual Report of the outgoing Executive Committee as well as the audited statement of accounts of the S.I.T.E. Association.

S.I.T.E. Association of Industry is very active in skill development and vocational training. The Government of Sindh has formed the Institute Management Committees of the government-run technical institutes. One of the largest is the Government College of Technology in SITE that is now being managed by representatives of the Association. The Chairman of SITE is the Chairman of the IMC of GCT. IMCs having SITE industrialists as members will also primarily manage eight other Karachi technical institutes viz. Government College of Technology, Karachi, Government Saifee Eide Zahabi Institute of Technology, Karachi, Government Polytechnic Institute for Women, Karachi, Government Polytechnic Institute, Lyari, Karachi, Government Monotechnic Institute, New Karachi, Government Jamia Millia Polytechnic Institute Malir City, Karachi, Government Mon technic Institute, Orangi Town, Karachi and Pakistan Swedish Institute of Technology, Karachi.

SITE industrialists have also taken the lead and are managing the Skill Development Council, Karachi which is a joint project of the Employers’ Federation of Pakistan, ILO, World Bank, and the Ministry of Labor, Government of Pakistan, and which has been instrumental in training of large number of young people, mostly from the under-privileged class. The Chairman and SITE industrialists are also on the Board of Governors of SITE Public School.

S.I.T.E. Association of Industry is also actively involved in social welfare area also. Moreover, every year it organizes an "Eid Bazaar" during the month of Ramazan where industries provide their products at discounted or reduced rates. This has been a popular affair and Governors, Chief Ministers, and other dignitaries visit the Bazaar to inaugurate it.

S.I.T.E. Association of Industry enjoys very good relations with all Embassies / Consulates established in the Country. Their Ambassadors / Consul Generals / Commercial Attaches, continue to visit SITE Association’s office, meeting with the office bearers and exchanging views on bilateral trade issues with which our members have been benefited.

S.I.T.E. Association is the first to set-up a SITE-UK Trade Cell in collaboration with the United Kingdom Deputy High Commission in the Association to assist industrialists in trade with British companies. A MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING was also signed with THE CHINESE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC POLITICAL CONSULTATIVE of ZHECHANG CITY, SHANDONG, CHINA and the Association to promote and increase cooperation between the two organizations. COOPERATION AGREEMENTS were also signed between SITE ASSOCIATION and with the representatives of GOVERNMENT OF ETHIOPIA, on March 09, 1999 with the FEDERATION OF INDIAN EXPORTS ORGANIZATIONS and with GOVERNMENT OF SHARJAH on June 21, 2000. These diplomatic offices give due consideration to the Association and issue visas to its members on S.I.T.E. Association’s recommendation.



Total Area of SITE 4,700 Acres
Total # of Plots Allotted 3000 (Approx.)
Total # of S.F. Units Allotted 140
Total # of Godowns Allotted 59
Total Covered Area totally covered
Length of Roads 60.5 Miles (approx.)
Textile 550
Allied Textile 250
Oil & Soap 20
Silk 140
Foodstuffs 35
Chemicals 65
Engineering 300
Plastic 75
Miscellaneous 1295
Commercial 100
Optical 01
Pharmaceuticals 40
Glass 10
Paints 30
Tannery 10
Garments 80
Total 3001