SITE SELF SECURITY SYSTEM (SSSS) currently operates with the help of 147 security cameras, 67 Rangers security guards, 70 police personnel, 31 Rangers security guard pickets and 28 Security Walls.


For patrolling purposes, the Association has 14 motorbikes and 2 police mobile vans.


For smooth and centralized working of the system, a dedicated building of SSSS has been constructed adjacent to the Association’s office.


In addition the Association is also providing FREE OF COST SERVICES to members whose all dues of SSSS are clear.


ü  Cash Guard Service: Our Security Guards will reach your Bank and provide you escort service till factory after cash withdrawal. In return, this service may save you thousands of rupees per annum.


ü  Escort Service for Foreign Buyers & Guests: To provide enhanced security to our foreign guests and to ensure their safety while visiting different factories in SITE area, the Association has decided to provide this service which can be availed as many times as required.


ü  An Ambulance is also available which can also be called when needed (Launching next month).   


Members are invited to visit SSSS office and see the working and give valuable input & comments for further improvement.




SITE SELF SECURITY SYSTEM (SSSS) was formally formed in the year 2002 when Dr. Arshad Vohra was the President of the Association.  





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